International Affiliates
If you are not registering for any university courses/modules but wish to be affiliated to the University of KwaZulu-Natal you can apply to register as an ''International Affiliate''. This category includes
  • Anyone enrolled for degree programmes at a home institution outside South Africa, who is hosted by a school or programme at the University of KwaZulu-Natal while conducting research towards a degree
  • Anyone from outside South Africa, who is conducting research and making use of the UKZN facilities and/or the assistance of UKZN staff.

Step 1:

International visitors wishing to make use of any of the universities facilities, services and research expertise must first make contact with the relevant school/academic programme to ensure that they will be welcome and to obtain assurance that there are necessary resources and expertise to accommodate them.
A letter of invitation (confirming the purpose and duration of the visit) must be issued by the respective programme/school to the candidate. The candidate will then use this document to apply for the relevant visa in his home country i.e. a visitor's visa with endorsement.

Step 2
The International Affiliate fee for 2012 is US$230 per month with a maximum payment of US$1380 per semester (fees are subject to an annual increase).

Step 3

On payment of the fees, the respective department will provide the international visitor a letter addressed to the UKZN International Short Term Programmes Coordinator to enable the visitor to obtain a University ID card. The ID card is issued for the duration of the stay and is clearly labeled 'International Affiliate'.
The visitor can also gain access to other university facilities such as Libraries, computer LAN etc. with the ID card and a supporting letter from the hosting department.

For more information, please contact the Short Term Programmes Coordinator

(+27 31 260 2677;

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