Global Partnerships and Linkages
Promoting Internationalization:

One of UKZN’s goals is:


To promote African-led globalization through African scholarship by positioning the University, through its teaching, learning, scholarship, research, and innovation, to enter the global knowledge production system on its own terms, bringing knowledge productions systems relating to its local context into the global arena.

The strategies the University has adopted to achieve this goal are:

Promote Internationalisation:
In the competitive environment of global professional workplaces and opportunities, it is important that students are exposed to global developments and trends.  

The University will promote the concept of ‘internationalisation at home’ by implementing teaching strategies that make explicit and ongoing connections between local experience and global debate, foster intellectual curiosity that values and respects a range of cultural experiences and perspectives, and enable students to build the knowledge, expertise and confidence to participate in international contexts.  The University will support carefully selected student exchange programmes that bring students from other countries to the University and further expand our students’ international opportunities, particularly exposure to Africa, to enrich the learning experience of all.  

Forge Strategic partnerships:
Strategic partnerships at the continental and global levels are critical in placing UKZN’s African scholarship in the wider international arena and in taking on some of the challenges of producing African scholarship.  With its vision in mind, the University will pursue strategic linkages with other institutions that work in Africa whose common interests in research and graduate studies can provide a platform for bringing scholars together to create new knowledge.

To this end, we will identify key partners and develop sustainable, mutually beneficial, in-depth relationships with them in broad, focused areas that are not Faculty-specific and relate to the African context and its challenges.  

  • Pitzer College - USA
  • Millersville University – USA
  • Drake University - USA
  • University of Calgary – USA
  • Virginia Commonwealth University - USA

  • accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg – Germany
  • Oslo University College – Norway
  • Interstudy – USA

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