Fees and Study Related Costs
Student wishing to participate in the UKZN SEP must take into consideration the cost of the programme. The following guidelines will assist you in determining how the finances are managed:
  • Students will be responsible for their own expenses including travel, travel documents (Passports and visas),subsistence, accommodation, medical care, insurance and any other costs
  • Participants are required to arrange/apply for their own travel/immigration documents, air tickets, health insurance, and vaccinations. 
  • In all cases students will not be charged tuition at the host university while some universities will waive accommodation and meals. For example, if you are exempt from paying for tuition, accommodation and meals at the host institution, this means that you will have to pay for them at UKZN prior to your departure abroad. These fees are based on rates taken from the relevant International Related Fee Booklet.
  • Please note that if you are the dependant of a UKZN staff member you are exempt from tuition fees only at UKZN. You will still be expected to pay local accommodation and meal fees depending on the conditions stipulated in the exchange agreement with the host institution.

   Selected candidates must have:

-   Settled all outstanding fees
-   Paid for tuition etc for the exchange programme prior to their departure
    Please check with the list of exchange agreements (click here) to ensure that you are clear about the conditions of
    the agreement and the costs that you will be liable for at UKZN.
    Financial assistance may be provided in cases where there is clearly substantiated need.

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