Courses on Offer

The application form asks you to pre-select courses. The courses available for the semester can be accessed on proce/Handbooks.aspx. You are required to confirm course offerings before making your choice. To assist students in choosing courses the information provided below will help to understand how the module is structured, and help you choose courses available in the semester in which you wish to enroll. 

Course Selection Procedure
Explanation of codes In the handbook each module is identified by name and by a nine-character code, e.g. POLS101 H1. This is made up as follows:
  • The first four letters identify the discipline or area of specialization (POLS = Political Science).
  • The following numeral indicates the module's level (1 = first level/year, 2 = second level/year etc). In this case it is a first level/year module.
  • The next two characters (letters and/or numbers) identify the individual module, since disciplines may offer more than one module at the same level. In this case the identifier is 01.
  • The next character is used to indicate the campus on which the module is offered (H = Howard College, P = Pietermaritzburg, W = Westville). In this case the H indicates that the module is offered on the Howard College campus.
  • The final character indicates when the module is offered (1 = first semester, 2 = second semester, B = both semesters, C = either first or second semester, V = vacation, Y = entire year). In case of the above the module is offered in the first semester.
  • The abbreviations on the right of the page, following the module name (e.g. 30 L-10T-OP-OS-90H-24R OF OG 6A-13W-16C) provide the following information:
30 L = 30 Lectures
10 T = 10 Tutorials
0 P = no Practicals
0 S = no Seminars
90 H = 90 Self Study hours, resource based learning and work on assignments
24 R = 24 Hours of Revision
0 F = no Field placements/Internships
0 G = no Problem based groups
6 A = 6 assessment items (tests, assignments, etc.)
13 W = 13 Weeks
16 C = 16 Credits

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