Student Exchange Partner Institutions
University of Kwa-Zulu Natal Student Exchange Programme

Open to:


University of Liege. (Tuition + 1500 Euros scholarship) postgraduate & undergraduate students


Huron College: (Tuition, Accommodation)

University of Guelph. :(Tuition only and possible CUSAC scholarship)

University of Trent. :(Tuition, Accommodation and Meals & possible CUSAC scholarship)

Wilfrid Laurier University.:(Tuition and Accommodation)

University of Victoria.: (Tuition)
Law students only

Carleton University.:(Tuition and Accommodation & possible CUSAC scholarship)

Saint Mary’s University.: (Tuition only)

Nippissing University.: (Tuition and Accommodation)

University of Calgary.: (Tuition, accommodation and meals plus $CAD 750 per student)

Concordia University.: (Tuition, and stipend for meals and books)
postgraduate & undergraduate students


University of Valparaiso.: (Tuition and stipend for meals and books)


Masaryk University.: (Tuition and accommodation only)


Aalborg University.: (Tuition only)


Institut National Polytechnique of Toulouse.: (Tuition only) postgraduate & undergraduate students

Universite Jean Moulin - Lyon 3 : (Tuition only)

Institut National de Science Applique.: (Tuition only) third year students only

Universite Catholique de Lyon –Esdes (Tuition and Accommodation)

Universite Paris de Sorbonne. :   (Tuition only) postgraduate & undergraduate students

Escem School of Business and Management.: (Tuition only)

Pole Universitaire Leonard de Vinci .:  (Tuition only)

Grenoble School of Architecture (Tuition only)


University of Eastern Finland. (Tuition, accommodation and scholarship)

Abo Academy University (Tuition, accommodation and meal stipend)


University of Ghana. (Tuition and Accommodation & possible CUSAC scholarship)


University of Konstanz.: (Tuition + Baden Wurttemberg Scholarship)

Hocheschule Bremen: School of Business and Management (Tuition + scholarship)

University of Stuttgart.: (Tuition + Baden Wurttemberg Scholarship)

University of Tuebingen.: (Tuition + Baden Wurttemberg Scholarship subject to confirmation)
postgraduate & undergraduate students

University of Karlsruhe.: (Tuition only)
postgraduate & undergraduate students

University of Chemnitz.: (Tuition only)

University of Hamburg.:  (Tuition only)

University Erlangen Nuremburg. (Tuition only)


Turin University.: (Tuition, accommodation and meals waiver)


Kansai Gaidai University.:(Tuition, Accommodation and AIEJ Scholarship)

Ryukoku University.:(Tuition and accommodation and scholarship) postgraduate & undergraduate students

Tohoku University. :(Tuition only)


Sungkyunkwan University.: (Tuition & Accommodation + 200 000 KW)

Chung Ang University.  (Tuition and accommodation)


Universiti Sains Malaysia  (Tuition and Accommodation & possible CUSAC scholarship)


Benemerita Universidad Auonoma De Puebla(BUAP).:  (Tuition only)


University of Oslo.: (Tuition + partial scholarship)
postgraduate & undergraduate students

Bodo Regional University.: (Tuition and Accommodation)
postgraduate & undergraduate students


Hague University.: (Tuition + Scholarship)

Vrije University.: (Tuition only)
Faculty of Social Science students only

Avans University of Applied Sciences (Tuition only)
Business and management students only


Nanyang Technological University.: (Tuition only)


Uppsala University.: (Tuition only)

Jonkoping University of Health Sciences. (Tuition + Linnaes Palme Scholarship) social work students only.

University of Gavle.: (Tuition + Linnaes Palme Scholarship)
visual arts and management undergraduate and postgraduate students only

Sodertons Hogskola University College.  (Tuition Only) postgraduate & undergraduate students studying geography, environmental management and environmental science


University of Dar es Salaam.:   (Tuition and Accommodation)


University of the West Indies.: (Tuition and Accommodation & possible CUSAC scholarship)
postgraduate & undergraduate students


University of Iowa.: (Tuition, Accommodation, stipend and return ticket)
Honours level & undergraduate students

University of Illinois - Urbana Champagne.: (Tuition, Accommodation and Meals) Honours level & undergraduate students from Agriculture and Environmental Science)

Washington University – School of Law.:  (Tuition only) Honours level & undergraduate students

Drake University.: (Tuition, accommodation and meals)
Honours level & undergraduate students

Michigan State University.: (Tuition and scholarship)
postgraduate & undergraduate students

Roosevelt University.: (Tuition, Accommodation and Meals)
Honours level & undergraduate students

Emory University (Candler School of Theology) (Tuition only)
theology and religion students only


Keele University.: (Tuition, accommodation and meals plus possible CUSAC Scholarship)

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