Selection Process

Application and Selection Process

Step 1:
Look at the list of student exchange agreements.

Step 2:
Go to the various websites to see if the Universities in the list offer courses that are equivalent to courses that you would have taken at UKZN in the semester that you will be away. The onus is on you to ensure that the courses taken can be credited at UKZN on your return.

Step 3
Complete the UKZN Student Exchange Application form.

Step 4:
Approval for courses is required from the Academic Leader: School Teaching and Learning, Dean and Head of School as well as the Principal Academic Officer. The Academic Leader: School Teaching and Learning will need to verify that the courses chosen are equivalent to the courses required in the semester in which you will be away. You will need to download the course syllabus/description for the Academic Leader to determine equivalence. All the signatures are essential before submitting the Application Form.

Step 5:

The following documents must accompany the application form:
-A letter of motivation explaining why you want to participate in the student exchange programme
-Two letters of reference from professors/lecturers on campus
-Financial Aid letter or sponsorship letter if applicable
-Original Academic Record
-2 ID Photos
Submit the complete package as directed in the Application Form.

Step 6:

Your application will then be evaluated and based on your academic suitability, letters of reference and your ability to be an ambassador of UKZN. The UKZN Student Exchange Selection Committee then meets to shortlist students. If you have been short listed you will then be notified about the date of when you will be interviewed by the Selection Committee. If you have been accepted to participate in an exchange programme, you will be given written notification, the relevant fee agreement and contract agreement documents and asked to confirm your acceptance by signing these documents.

Step 7:

You will then be asked to complete an application for your host institution, which will be forwarded to the host institution for final approval. Please note that acceptance from the host university can take several weeks. You are not officially accepted by the host institution until your host university has approved your application and you have received an official letter of acceptance from them. Please note that academic acceptance by the host institution is not guaranteed.

Step 8:

Prior to your departure, you will have to attend a pre-departure orientation. This is conducted by the Student Exchange Coordinator. Your attendance at the orientation programme is compulsory. It is also your responsibility to gather information on your own (via the Internet, travel agencies, etc.) to make sure that you are well-informed about your host institution and country.

Step 9:

It is your responsibility to inform and provide relevant flight details, and contact details (phone number or e-mail address of yourself or next of kin in case you need to be urgently contacted by the Student Exchange Programme prior and during your travel to the host institution. You will also be required to notify the Student Exchange Office (+27 31 260 2870, once you have arrived at your destination.

Step 10:
You need to keep the Student Exchange Office informed during the semester if issues, changes, progress and any other matters if academic importance whilst you are abroad.

Please note that the Selection Committee reserves the right to withdraw their acceptance of a student to participate in the UKZN exchange programme should it be brought to their knowledge that a selected candidate would not be suitable ambassador to UKZN. The student concerned would then be notified in writing about this decision.

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