Student Exchange Programme
An exchange student at the University of KwaZulu-Natal refers to that category of student who participates in a reciprocal exchange programme with a recognized partner institution and pays fees directly to their home institution (institution that the student is currently registered at) and in return receives a waiver of fees at the host institution (institution that the student is spending the exchange period at).

In some cases, accommodation and meal costs are also waived, depending on the conditions stipulated in the exchange agreement. The exchange student will receive credit for the courses completed at the host institution towards their degree at the home institution. The period of exchange is usually one semester.

The University of KwaZulu-Natal has almost 61 exchange agreements with institutions in 22 different countries. The exchange programme provides international students with an opportunity to interact on a social, cultural and academic level with local students. It allows students to embrace a new culture and different lifestyle.

The programme is designed for registered students that have completed at least two semesters at their home institutions. Students are selected by their home institution and by UKZN to participate in the Student Exchange programme. Final selection of students will be based on academic merit.

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